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Fee for Swapping to ROWAN should be made zero

If swapping to rowan is made zero, first time user will feel comfortable as there will not be need to ask for rowan in community channel . It also helps users who run out of balance to get rowan without asking in community and moreover swapping to...
Luke D 10 months ago in  0

The frontend for US citizens

Someone should do it, someone reputable. Imagine this, someone who is a scammer opens up a front end, that looks like its legit, but after some time just pulls a rug on us. Resulting in seriously bad situation which hurts our reputation. I am not ...
1337 10 months ago in  0

Correct the websites theme

The attached file is self describing.
1337 10 months ago in  0

Chart on the exchange

Guys, we dont have literally any place to chart on, we either need a proper CEX listing or a chart on the website - which should be included at some point anyway, if we want to be a proper all in DEX.
1337 10 months ago in  1

We need a $ROWAN tip bot on Telegran and twitter too

No description provided
JL iBercrypto over 1 year ago in  0

EROWAN farms in QuickSwap (Matic)

No description provided
Guest 10 months ago in  0

HUAHUA / ROWAN pool on sifchain dex

No description provided
Guest 10 months ago in  0

Better UI For Sifchain.Finance

Dex is ok but the main website must be more professional. Please update the UI.
Guest 10 months ago in  0

How to configure SureWest email settings outlook?

The methods below will assist you in configuring your SureWest email settings outlook on Android devices. Open your Android phone or tablet. You must launch the Email app from the Home Screen. Enter your Surewest email address in the "Other" field...
john crew 11 months ago in  0

What to do if hp printer not printing black?

Hello, I'm Michael. A talented technical geek with over 15 years of experience, we provide high-quality assistance in hp printer not printing black .
Guest 11 months ago in  0