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Add a License file to each repository

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doorsjm over 1 year ago in  0 Planned

Trading Competition rather a lottery than competition?

With the rule change to the competition isn´t it rather a lottery now than a competition?Just a quick thought experiment: Trader A trading with $1000, making $2000 profit and ending with a balance of $3000 Trader B trading with $1000, making $1500...
Nick N over 1 year ago in  1

Add search of tokens in Pool Stats

On pool stats tab, add a search to make it easier to go directly to a token's pool stats instead of scrolling down the list.
Any over 1 year ago in  1 Planned

Community Events + Prizes

It would be great to have more community events such as quizzes and meme challenges etc (with small prizes being distributed to winners) - This will help to bring the community closer together and improve morale
Guest over 1 year ago in  0

Do we get some notification that we hit or about to hit 4 months?

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Guest over 1 year ago in  1 Planned

I have 5 suggestions that complement each other for a good liquidity HYPE

- 1 Create a Liquid ROWAN token to offer more liquidity on the platform from the stakers (Similar to Acala Network and the liquid LDOT)(LOCK the Native ROWAN within the network stake)(very interesting to cheat the time of 21 days of unbond) - 2 Us...
JL iBercrypto over 1 year ago in  0

Hello Crypto

Of course we’re all still learning because cryptocurrencies are evolving quickly and constantly. But we know that participating in crypto often comes down to understanding a few basic principles and relying on best practices. Let’s just say that t...
Hello Crypto 3 months ago in  0

Add Bitcoin

For most people its easy to buy bitcoin with fiat. Right now you have to trade to a different coin to use sifchain. If you implement bitcoin its far more easier to use the exchange.
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Hello to the SifChain team, My suggestions : 1 / It would be interesting to be able to buy the SifChain corner on the Terra Station and Osmosis wallets. In order to allow the import of the SifChain coin to cover the gas costs on the SifChain DEX. 2/ Propose a documentation with several languages. Solicit youtubers from several countries to make video tutorials. 3/ Offer users only the first time they use SifChain. My address KEPLR : sif1m4v2npf3gyhmwwn23hd565mwke8y4zdtl8kyd0 sif1jf2y7jz5ha6tkv84r7x7m4vu6c6rpccym4jkjh Thanks to you See you soon Jean Daniel Payet Reunion Island / Indian Ocean Translated with (free version)

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Guest 9 months ago in  1


Vader like kava doing good work
community account 9 months ago in  0