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Created by David
Created on Aug 28, 2021

Let community vote on new projects to list on DEX (ERC20!)

One of the big advantages of Sifchain is that people who are not rich (95%) can buy ERC20 projects on Sifchain for a fraction of the gas fee cost on e.g. Uniswap.

I suggest we let the Sifchain community vote on which projects to list, in general, but especially on ERC20 tokens, which are in high demand.

1. Sif member finds a good low cap project, and makes a case for why we should list it
2. Sif community votes on it
3. If yes, we list it it, quickly (while it's still low cap)
4. We start shilling on Twitter, YouTube etc. (I wanna help!)
5. Ethereum miners lose money — Sif LPs make money 🚀

Example: I'm in a private group where several people want to buy METIS, a new low cap, layer 2 project, but it's only on Uniswap (gas fees 👎) and (forces KYC 👎).

If we had METIS on Sifchain right now, people from my group would buy it!

Unless there is some legality issue, then we have to do this, it would bring in a ton of money from swap fees alone.

And naturally, many buyers who come here will realize how awesome Sifchain is and end up sticking around, LP'ing, and contribute to the community, win-win 🤝

What do you guys think? 🙂

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  • Guest
    Aug 30, 2021

    Yeah let's try and get a voting platform set up. I'm sure the community will do its best to make this work cause if we provide a platform for the listing of high in demand erc20 tokens, that will almost certainly attract a lot of liquidity on dex, given the points made by David about how fees on Sifdex is so much lower than dexs on ethereum.

    InjunBeya (A.K.A. Beyakan A.)

  • David
    Aug 30, 2021

    Great response, happy to hear you guys are open to this.

    Good points about needing a certain about of pool depth to make it worth it. But with ERC20 LM programs, that shouldn't be a problem. If the incentives are there, people will LP 👌

    As for marketing, this is the easiest part when it comes to quality ERC20 projects, because the second people realize they don't have to use a crappy CEX or expensive DEX like Uniswap to get their ERC20 asset early, the flood gates will open, and LPs are going to make tons of money on swap fees 🔥

  • Admin
    Jazear Brooks
    Aug 30, 2021
  • Guest
    Aug 29, 2021
    Brilliant idea, yes let's get this