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Created on May 2, 2021

Visual branding

(A) Re: visual branding. I've been told by seasoned marketers that I am very good at branding ... I say this only so that I hope you might better take the following observation to heart. You obviously have a marvellous product ... however, the visual branding (on your website and on Twitter, etc.) is jarring. And so it competes for attention with the message you want to get across. As I'm sure others may have noted (I have read such a comment online), it looks very "Disney." I think the effect you were aiming for was maybe "magical" and "playful"? I am only guessing. However, the first impression for your audience is likely that it is "too cutesy," "jarringly bright in colour," almost "Polyanna-ish." At first glance, one would not understand why they are seeing cute hugging bears. Your audience would be mostly male adults, not young girls. There's the concept of "cognitive fluency" -- that is, the ease with which we process information. In marketing, if there is a mismatch in branding or messaging, whether visual or verbal, then this would give your audience pause. People would be less apt to buy into your ideas or to trust your authority. In marketing and in communication in general, the foundation is based on trust (can we trust you?) and clarity (is it easy to understand you?). One suggestion would be to look at the most recent imagery you used (May 2) on Twitter to announce the number of participants for your trading competition, and to continue more along that vein. That imagery, which suggests sorcery, is more "mystical," "magical," "mysterious," and "powerful." Emphasis on "power." That kind of image also would work better on the home page of your website, for instance. The background colours could be toned down a great deal (more monochromatic or subdued), although the key figures could remain somewhat bright in colour, but much less so.

(B) Re: home page of your website: Where it says "Sifchain is the omni-chain solution for DEXes. More performant, more robust cryptoeconomics for trading and security, more flexible trading capabilities, an extensible omni-chain roadmap and eventual true DAO governance. Sifchain is the future of DeFi."

That seems to belong under the imagery, and before the section "Sifchain is the brainchild of Sif..."

Also, "instantiate" is a very technical term ... would be better to use simpler language there.

This is all conveyed with good intentions, and with admiration. Best of luck ... excellent work, team!!

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  • Admin
    Jazear Brooks
    May 17, 2021

    We'll keep your feedback in mind