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Status Will not implement
Created by king ken
Created on May 10, 2021

Continue with the airdrop as planned.

Pretty simple just continue with the airdrop as planned dealing it out on each 20th of the month. 20th may - 20th june and 20th july

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  • Admin
  • Paul Vasholz
    May 11, 2021

    The price didn't really go down that much with the first airdrop. It is better to continue with the original plan.

  • Zeng Li Ren
    May 11, 2021

    Every new coin and new business will face problems at the start. Those that keep their promise and uphold their honour are the ones that will become the greats ... like Bitcoin

  • Keith H
    May 11, 2021

    @jazzy @karan.patel I think airdrops should proceed as planned, but with stipulated and clearer rules to encourage community building for subsequent airdrop 3/4. Before the sif teams make any decisions, I just hope that they do consider the below factors/questions:

    Question 1: With the sif competition going on, it is unfair to expect ppl to stake their rowans and participant in the sif comp (We want to encourage user interacting with sif dex right? Like Gravity Dex). Although ppl who received the airdrops have the options for liquidity mining like karan patel mentioned, we are expecting supporters to withdraw from their liquidity mining, probably with impermeant loss, and join the competition. IL need arbitrage to neutralize and it takes time. Hence putting a time frame base on airdrop 1 is unfair to legit supporters. Moreover, there are legit supporters who don’t even have a clue they receive airdrop. Penalizing them without them knowing is the worst mistake we can ever make. There are also supporters, for whatever reasons, have no access to internet or wallet. Do we penalizing them for NOT staking their airdrop rowans immediately?

    I myself am one of the supporters who did not stake immediately upon receiving the airdrops. I did not sell either as I intend to stake them before the 18th May deadline, since this is the option given by the sif team. Fortunately, I get to participate in the sif comp with my friends and we learnt a great ton on the interface. It also deepens my understand and supports on the sif dex and I hence we staked our rowan immediately after the sif comp. By imposing a timeline/deadline for staking airdrops 1, do you think its fair to legit supporters like us?

    I feel that rules must be communicated to supporters prior to any changes. It is damaging to the sif team’s reputation, which is very important in the crypto space I feel. We have the hacking on Alpha and supporters continued to support the protocol. Same for Paid network. This is because supporters believe in the team and trust them to deliver on what they promise. If we go back on our words and cancel airdrop 2/3/4, we are as good as dead for this project. Imposing new rules is fine, but these rules should be made clear to the community, and they can make the decision themselves.

    Another point to note is, we are expecting main net to be launch this year. Team tokens will then be released. If we stacked the lockup time frame of air droppers to after the main net, wouldn’t we be conveying messages that the team tokens will be dumping before the air droppers?


  • Sif Forever
    May 10, 2021

    We need to stop the team from making a dangerous move that would threaten the price even further. Ironically, a larger dump in price would occur if they cancel the airdrop due to a drop in reputation and trust.

  • Guest
    May 10, 2021

    Release it without any lock: if somebody want to dump - let them dump, we will buy at cheaper price.

  • Shabari Yogisha
    May 10, 2021

    Release all remaining Airdrops as planned on every 20th with lockup till mainnet. Would be fair for all of them.