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Status Will not implement
Created by Guest
Created on May 24, 2021

Create a grant for US sifchain DEX with no margin

Creating a US accessible version of sifchain DEX that will never support margin trading would allow US investors to contribute to LPs in the future without the assumed legal challenges of permitting margin trading. Assuming LP rewards were better than average for sifchain, this would allow for a lot more to enter into the sifchain to capture more liquidity. Assuming, liquidity is at a level that makes sifchain dex attractive to US users, it could also bring in many more users for swaps.

I am sure there are some legal challenges involved in the decision to block US-based users that I am not aware of, but even if some limited form of the DEX could be available to US users it would likely bring in much more liquidity as well as notice.

IMO, it would look a lot better to potential investors in sifchain if support was limited in the US vs. it be zero.

My recommendation of creating a grant primarily was motivated by the fact that it seems sifchain team wants to stay away from this completely. An alternative would just present different versions of current sifchain dex based on location. US only would have no margin, etc.

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  • Admin
    Jazear Brooks
    May 27, 2021

    Well we certainly don't support the use of Rowan or Sifchain's DEX for US users due to US regulatory constraints and would not endorse a grant for that purpose.

    That said, we have been quite interested in seeing other ecosystem participants host front ends for Sifchain. We are open to proposals for front ends that have unique value propositions (check out Thorswap, Asgardex, Vanaheimex, Shapeshift, and Trustwallet for a few different front-ends on Thorchain as an example of what we mean).

    One day all of Sifchain's traffic may come from front ends hosted by entities aside outside of the Sifcore team. We're closely studying the model at for an example of how that might work.

    If you're interested in a proposal for such work, here are a few questions in our not-yet-released grants proposal form you should send


    Team & Qualifications

    • Team member names with bios/previous applicable work experience

    • Team member LinkedIn links

    • Team member Github links

    Project Information

    • Project: What is the product or program?

    • Current status: a) An idea, b) Proof of Concept, c) MVP, or d) Established project?

    • Roadmap: Please clearly indicate milestones, phases, and anticipated challenges. Please highlight MVP (and subsequent phases when applicable).

    • Previous work examples

    • High-level Functional Specification

    • High-level Technical Specification

    • Why this project should be important to Sifchain?

    • Desired cost for completion

    Project Impact

    • Include KPIs/measurable stats when applicable.

    • Include similar case studies or impacts on other similar projects.

    And here's what we'd evaluate your proposal based on

    Sifcore Team Review


    • Is the idea plausible and technically sound?

    • Is the idea sufficiently ambitious?

    • Is the idea sufficiently differentiated from other efforts?

    • Is the idea aligned with other ongoing Sifchain efforts?

    • Is the idea aligned with Sifchain Core Values?

    • Will the idea bring the proposed value?


    • What is the technical competency of the team?

    • Does the team have a track record of success? And on-time?

    • Is the team’s experience and expertise relevant to the required tasks and design requirements?

    • What is the team’s current availability?

    • Are the team’s subcontractors qualified, if included?


    • Does the roadmap make logical sense?

    • What are the key challenges or "sub-projects" within the roadmap?

    • What does the MVP look like?

    • Which aspects of the roadmap are crucial and which are "nice-to-have"?

    • Are the phases of work clearly defined and pragmatic in scope and organization?

    • Does the project’s schedule include adequate contingency to address unplanned schedule delays?

    • Is the team capable of performing the specified work within the given time frame and as proposed?

    • Does the team’s schedule of work, reviews, and delivery follow a logical sequence meeting the requirements of the Statement of Work and the technical maturity of the proposed technical approach?

    • Does the project leave adequate time for testing and security/code reviews?


    • Is the technical approach clearly conveyed and does it have a high probability of meeting the requirements including performance, reliability, functionality, and maintainability?

    • Does the technical approach include adequate design and analysis activities and include risk mitigation?

    • Does the technical approach meet all the requirements with limited impact on other system interfaces?

    • Does the approach clearly state any dependencies and/or other areas that will need to change/react to this?


    • What key metrics does the project affect?

    • What was the impetus for this project?

    • What is the estimated ROI?

    • Is the desired price fair and reasonable and consistent with the proposed effort?


    • What security risks are there?

    • What cryptoeconomic impact will this have on the Sifchain ecosystem?

    • Other potential downsides?

  • Any
    May 24, 2021

    Great suggestion.